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Every Time I Die - LRM

A- “Amid the sea of formulaic studio movies flooding screens this and every summer, it stands out as a beacon for original storytelling and bold new filmmaking voices. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Every Time I Die - Horror Society

10/10 "One of the best movies of the year."

Every Time I Die - Starbust

8/10 "it is incredibly well-handled with good performances and a style that will stay with you for a while. "

Every Time I Die - Heaven Horror

4/5 "it’s one of those stories where the less you know of the plot, the better. Just sit back and let the story unfold."

Every Time I Die - Movie Nation

3/4 "The best no-budget thriller of the summer, moody, cerebral drama about a guy who carries his guilt about a childhood loss."

Every Time I Die - Marks Reviews

3/4 "The tragic story of Sam's past is portrayed with such sincerity in such an enigmatic fashion. Weird but with a gloomy undercurrent to keep it level, Every Time I Die is a unique little ride."

Every Time I Die - Horror Buzz

"A mind-bending metaphysical thriller that is, truly, remarkable."

Every Time I Die - The Movie Gourmet

"Not a movie for those who need a linear, paint-by-the-numbers plot."

Every Time I Die - Nightmarishconjurings

"It’s the perfect kind of twist, with just enough hints sprinkled throughout to give you a real “Eureka!” moment."

Every Time I Die - Fanboy Planet

"The film is a psychological philosophical thriller."

Every Time I Die - Fansided

"Overall, Every Time I Die is a truly unique movie. It will leave you with breathless with anticipation and full of heartache as you become increasingly tethered to Sam’s story."

Every Time I Die - Film Inquiry

"Every Time I Die is a bold indie with strong resonance. It could have easily been overpowered by superfluous gore or supernatural hokum but instead, it’s a captivating little tale about self-image, with a mystical and poignant touch."

Every Time i Die - UK Film Review

5/5 "It’s rare these days to find a film that can elicit, within the viewer, a melange of visibly discernible emotions. And yet, Robi Michael’s tear-jerking piece on love and redemption carries this off almost mockingly easily."

Every Time I Die - Nerdly

3.5/5 "The debut feature of co-writer/director Robi Michael takes an old formula... and spins a whole new genre film from it. One that uses the tropes of horror and sci-fi to tell a remarkably poignant and human story about love, loss and family."

Every Time I Die - RSC!

3.5/5 "Every Time I Die is one of those excellent little thrillers that only involves a handful of characters. The love triangle, gorgeous sisters, murderously jealous husband and murky childhood mystery should be enough for any film noir, but throw in a victim who doesn’t stay dead but comes to in the body of one of his mates… and I no longer know what genre this film is, but it grabs me for sure."

Every Time I Die - Backseat Mafia

"There’s a strong central focus driving the story forward and we’re continually wrong-footed by clever direction. Every Time I Die is a superior indie riddle and a strikingly singular film."